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              BECOME A MEMBER


              Are you a nature-based Adventure Travel Supplier, offering singular experiences like no one else does? Is your product truly unique, engaging and unforgettable?
              Are you willing to join a community of like-minded people with similar core values? Would you like us to audit and endorse your experience and raise your profile? Then read along…



              Activities with a ‘wow’ factor

              Wildthentic is the leading marketing platform for tour operators offering singular travel experiences from nature-based adventure activities. All our members need to provide visitors with a real connection with the people, the landscape, the culture and the environment through unique and unforgettable activities with a ‘wow’ factor.

              5 very good reasons to join us

              1. 1

                Get endorsed by a specialist from your niche market who’ll generate high quality bookings for you – and increase your database with highly relevant contacts.

              2. 2

                Be audited and certified by a professional body of experts and receive our label of quality and singularity.

              3. 3

                Be part of a network of businesses striving to improve tourism and be recognised by consumers and the media as leaders in nature-based adventure tourism. As a member of our ‘club’, you belong to a group of like-minded people with whom you can engage.

              4. 4

                Access to our dedicated and ‘user friendly’ booking online platform allowing you to offer live availability and instant booking system to your client with a secure online payment, including various currencies and languages options, so that anyone at any time, anywhere in the world, with internet connection, can book and pay for your experience, even from their mobile phone.

              5. 5

                Use of the logo  Wildthentic Certified Experience for your website and documentations (exclusively on the relevant and approved experiences) as a seal of quality and uniqueness.

              HOW DO WE WORK?

              In order, for Wildthentic, to evaluate and certify the experiences you offer, we need you to fill in a pre-selection form.
              The key criteria required is to be able to demonstrate the intangible, the ‘wow’ factor showing how the client engage in a transformational experience.
              We also check the quality of the prestation, health and safety policies, clients feedback, responsible practices, environment, atmosphere, uniqueness, originality, guide performances, equipment, etc…
              The whole process is using a great combination of criteria that we have been experiencing and improving over the last 10 to 15 years working in the trade.
              Once your product has been approved, we will upload it on our website using strong SEO content and inspiring visuals. We will launch online and offline campaigns to promote your product and travellers can book directly through us with a live availability and secure payment system. 


              HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

              Members pay an annual fee + a small commission per confirmed booking we make directly. This includes the audit service and certification process and the marketing support and promotion of the products.

              NEXT STEPS
              TO BECOME A

              1. Register your interest online (please click the button below).
              2. Return your completed application form, including your liability insurance policy.
              3. Your application will be audited by our Product team (200 criteria + conference calls & site inspection).
              4. The Admission Committee will review your application to ensure it matches our criteria.
              5. Once Certified your experience will be proudly part of the Wildthentic Experiences Collection and loaded in our website. Welcome to the Wildthentic Club!

              BECOME A MEMBER

              Fill the contact form now and get your first step into joining our exclusive Wildthentic Community!


              Registration Terms

              Tour Operators who have satisfied the minimum requirements for pre-registration will be admitted as members of Wildthentic upon agreement to the following:
              1. Tour operator policy and practice, as provided for pre-registration, meet Wildthentic standards. Members will also be encouraged to provide additional stories for publication on the site, to showcase the emotional factor on a personal level and to differentiate their own products from those of other operators. Wildthentic will publish travellers’ feedback on the site. In the case of negative feedback, Wildthentic will contact the operator prior to publication so that the operator can write a reply for simultaneous publication.
              2. In the event of a member tour operator being found to have misrepresented their offer, they will be provided with the opportunity to correct this. Should they fail to do so, they will be removed from the site and their membership fees returned in pro-rata of time being promoted.
              3. Tour operators will respond to enquiries generated by Wildthentic within 2 days. In the event of Wildthentic receiving information from travellers of inadequate response time, members will be given the opportunity to rectify the situation. Should they fail to do so, they will be removed from the site and their membership fees returned in pro-rata of time being promoted.


              1. Tour operators meeting the pre-registration criteria and agreeing to the registration terms will be admitted to the Wildthentic website. All information to be published will be made privately available to the tour operator member before it goes live.
              2. Membership will be reviewed annually except in the event of circumstances discussed and agreed by both parties. Wildthentic reserves the right to improve and evolve the standard criteria of the experience based on feedback from members and travellers.

              Use of the Wildthentic logo

              1. Tour operators who have passed the minimum criteria and have been accepted as members are encouraged to use the ‘Wildthentic Certified Experience’ logo in the marketing of their relevant products. The logo may only be used in the format provided by Wildthentic and only in association with products that meet all the designated criteria. Tour operators may not use the logo as a general endorsement of their company or products.

              *All membership fees and commissions are subject to VAT where applicable.


               Wildthentic allowed us to show the world that we like to do things differently. Their audit highlighted our strength and helped us better promote our exceptional activities. They helped us identifying why our experiences are 'once in a lifetime, not to be missed' and the certification process ensured we keep raising our standards. Since Wildthentic involvement, our sales increased dramatically. We are pride to be part of Wildthentic community and share ideas for our business.
              Florencia Erramuspe
              El Calafate, Argentina