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              CAMEL RIDING

              CAMEL RIDING

              Dromedary camels were first domesticated over 5,000 years in central Asia. These camels have a long history of living and working with humans and are now used for many different purposes. Camel riding can be done out of necessity or as leisure activity, this depends on circumstance and where you live of course. Here we will discuss the camels most common usage, transportation.

              WHY WE LOVE 
              CAMEL RIDING

              Camels are unique in that they have their own personality and show it. Camels have a wide range of facial expressions, this is part of what makes them so special and lovable. There are many reasons to love camel riding and most of them include the camel itself! This chilled out animal is quite social and can travel a lot faster than you might think. Camel riding is not only fun but easy and suitable for all people!

              Riding camels is also a fantastic way to strengthen legs and core, although it is not a direct exercise method it still manages to keep your muscles engaged. Long camel rides might even make you aware of muscle groups you never knew you had!

              If you love engaging and forming a tight bond with animals than you will love camel riding. It is an activity that grounds you and reminds you to value all living creatures, it is also a wonderful way to enjoy nature’s breathtaking scenery. You get to sight see while getting rocked along the ride…what could be better than that? The camel’s height allows you to see from a different perspective. Enjoying amazing views while swaying from side to side is a marvellous way to relax as well!  Just make sure to lean backwards during take-off and landing, these are the only tricky parts, you don’t want to end up with your head face first on a ground with a mouthful of sand. Other than that, we suggest you lean back and enjoy the camel ride, it will push you into the moment and try to keep you there.

              Our signature Camel Riding Wildthentic Experience


              Although you are only a few meters off the round, camel riding offers you a different view of the world. This perspective allows you to spot things that you normally wouldn’t, like the length of a shadow or the texture of the hair on the back of the camel’s head, it totally immerses you in the natural environment. Camel riding allows you to gawk at birds in the sky, or patterns on the sand with great ease, you can pause to take in the scenery or just to connect with the animal.




              • Don’t carry belongings in your pockets, carry a backpack instead and make sure to strap your camera around a body part in order to prevent it from falling.
              • Remember that camels can sense their passenger’s emotions. The best thing you can do to avoid being uncomfortable and in turn making the camel uncomfortable, is to relax. Find your rhythm while riding the camel and let your legs hang loosely against the animal’s side. If for any reason you can’t find your groove make sure to ask your guide for assistance. Camel riding should be enjoyable, not cumbersome.
              • Stand clear of the camel when he/she is resting to avoid awkward situations, sometimes they like to nibble, sneeze and or blow bubbles of foam.


              Camel riding does not require any equipment although we do suggest you dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes and or closed sandals and protect yourself from the Sun and the blowing sand. It is best to wear SPF as well as light-weight and lightly coloured loose long-sleeved shirts in order to protect your skin. We also recommend you wear long socks, in order to prevent itch from rubbing against the camel, cover your head, and use sunglasses.   

              DID YOU KNOW...

              • Camels are a very important part of Arabian culture. So much so that the Arabic language has over 150 words to describe the animal.
              • Camels spit as a defence mechanism!
              • The wild Bactrian Camel is the only species of camel that has yet to be domesticated.
              • Camel humps do not store water, unlike pop culture has lead you to believe. The humps are used to store fat and keep the camel cool.
              • Kenya uses a camel book delivery system called The Camel Mobile Library to get books to remote areas in the country.
              • Camels are born without humps. The hump and or humps begin to grow once the baby camel is old enough to start eating solids.
              • Arabian camels have one hump whereas Asian camels have two.
              • Camels are biologically adapted to desert life. Most mammals require a 15% water loss before the animal becomes dehydrated (this applies to us as well) whereas a camel requires a 25% loss. This is due to the shape of a camels red blood cells. Camels are the only mammal in the world with oval red blood cells.
              • Camels purposefully pee on their legs in order to stay cool.

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