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              DOG SLEDDING

              DOG SLEDDING

              Dog sledding is an act in which a sled or sleigh is pulled by one or more dogs. This method of transportation is used to travel over ice and through snow. There are numerous types of sleds; all differ depending on their function. For example, some sleds are used for racing.  

              WHY WE LOVE
              DOG SLEDDING?

              Dogs have always been an important part of society, they are after all ‘man’s best friend’. Dog sledding originates in the arctic, this is when the dog's physiology combined with human necessity created the perfect climate for this method of transportation. Dog sledding is a cultural activity filled with history. Mushing offers a unique experience all while connecting to man's most beloved friend, the dog. Feel the crisp air upon your face, soar to the rhythm of paws against the snow, and hold on tight as you fly across the white wilderness.

              This activity is reserved for those who value the role animals play in our life. Mushers share a profound respect for the dogs as well as Mother Nature and her elements. Because dog sledding is done in relatively harsh terrain it is important to note that you as well as the animals are subject to the elements. Mushing connects you to the earth and the snow while giving you a humbling and adrenaline-filled experience.

              Learn the art of mushing and watch the mountains as they rush past you. Dog sledding will allow you to deepen your connection to the dogs as they become an extension of you. Take advantage of this incredible experience and once-in-a-lifetime activity. 

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              Dog sledding & NATURAL WORLD


              The sled dog, like the Canadian Inuit Dog or the Greenland Dog, has a thicker outer coat and dense under wool. This multi-layer fur allows the dogs to withstand outdoor temperatures as low as -20 to -40 °C. Sled dogs have changed and evolved due to their environment, like the Greenlandic Dog for example, which was the first dog to be brought into Greenland from Canada by the Inuits. The breed then later evolved due to Greenland′s harsh environment. An adult male weighs about 30kg and is fed lots of meat and fat in order to keep warm.

              It important to keep in mind that sled dogs are not pets. They are somewhat wild and are genetically similar to the now-extinct Taimyr wolf. Sled dogs are working dogs that live outside all year around (except if injured and or giving birth, in which case they are sent to stay in a shelter) and are usually attached to a three-metre long rope or chain. These dogs are mostly friendly but it is best not to touch them without their owner’s permission.

              Dog sledding permits you to witness your surroundings in a new and adventurous way. Not only are you fully susceptible to the elements you are also dependent upon dogs. There are no motors, no lights, no roads; the only man-made thing you will come into contact with during your ride is your sled. Dog sledding is as natural as it gets in the Arctic.




              All sleds and dogs will be provided although we strongly urge you to dress accordingly. Wool, fleece, silk, down, polypropylene, and Gore-Tex are all appropriate clothing materials for the ride. Avoid cotton, and or tight clothing. You should always dress in layers in order to prepare for the windy nature of the ride.

              DID YOU KNOW...



              • Dog sleds are not navigated by reigns but by commands.
              • Dog sledding has been around for over 1,000 years! Early evidence of man using dogs to pull sleds dates back to around A.D 1000 which was when the Thule people of Canada used them almost daily.
              • There is an annual dog sledding race known as the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, or ′Iditarod′, which takes place in the US state of Alaska. This race is done by various teams of 16 dogs over an 8 to 15 day period.
              • Dog sledding team members are separated into four categories based on their position. The order goes as follows; Musher, Wheel dogs, Team dogs, Swing dogs, and Lead dogs.

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