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              GLACIER HIKING

              Glacier hiKING WITH WILDTHENTIC

              This activity describes the act of hiking on a glacier with special equipment. These icy bulldozers are what have carved out many of the stunning landforms we know and love today. Examples of the work done by glaciers includes, the creation of fjords as well as the American Great Lakes! Glaciers require a specific climate that usually involves a ton of snowfall during the winter and relatively cool temperatures during the summer.

              Like regular hiking, but better.


              WHY WE LOVE 
              Glacier Hiking

              Glacier Hiking is gaining popularity. This out of the ordinary adventure gets people practicing their survival skills, physical strength, and endurance. Glacier hiking has become so popular it is now considered an important natural attraction in some countries. This adventure sport provides the perfect excuse to travel! Glacier hiking inspires you to go out into the world in search for new glaciers to trek, walk, or hike on! This outdoor activity gives you an inside view into the fascinating ice formations that can be found on every continent except for Australia.

              Here at Wildthentic, we love a good challenge. This explains why we find glacier hiking so appealing. This special activity requires specific knowledge and flexibility because tackling the ever-changing environment of glacier is no easy feat. These mammoth ice formations move, melt, refreeze, and are in a constant state of metamorphosis. Glacier hiking requires concentration, interest, and most importantly, an adventurous spirit.

              Usually, glacier hiking and ice climbing go hand in hand. These two activities are not the same but they are alike in that they require movement along a frozen surface. If you find yourself heading out for an ice climbing adventure on a glacier, chances are you will also be glacier hiking. The opposite scenario is not always true but very likely.

              Glacier hiking puts travellers in unexpected positions and allows them to fully embrace surreal surroundings…it’s time to get up close and personal with one of the earth’s most astounding formation, the glacier.

              DID YOU KNOW...



              • About 10% of the Earth is covered by glaciers.
              • Glaciers store the largest amount of fresh water, they account for anywhere between 69 - 75 percent of the world's fresh water.
              • Glaciers are found in 47 countries.
              • Many scientists believe that during the last Ice Age over a third of the earth’s surface was covered by glaciers.
              • Alaska is home to more than 100,000 glaciers, most of which remain unnamed.
              • According to the U.S Geological Survey, if the Antarctic ice sheet were to melt sea levels would rise 210 feet worldwide.
              • Some glaciers look blue because it is the only colour glacial ice cannot absorb.

              Oir Signature Glacier Hiking Wildthentic Experiences

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              Glacier Hiking & THE NATURAL WORLD

              Glacier hiking is the perfect way to test yourself and connect to the environment. Hiking a glacier provides an unusual perspective because of the glacier’s distinct and often undiscovered surface. It is also important to note that all our hikes are guided by local, often naturalist, guides who are experts at identifying biodiversity during the experience.

              Glacier hiking also exposes you to the elements and opens your eyes the beautiful world of ice! This an activity that guarantees majestic scenery and allows you to experience the power of the living glacier.



              • Always wear SPF: Don’t let the weather fool you, wearing sunscreen is necessary even on the cloudiest of days. Glaciers are basically giant mirrors. Light is reflected from the ice right back up at you. So, we suggest wearing proper skin and eye protection.
              • Respect the Landscape and follow your guide: Always keep your eyes peeled and follow the steps of your guide. There tend to be some hidden crevasses. It’s important to not get too comfortable, a glacier’s landscape is ever changing and not as predictable as other surfaces. It is important you learn how to confidently make a z-pulley rescue system and how to conduct a rescue. This should be practiced before hitting the ice.
              • Never go glacier hiking alone and make sure that others in your party have rescue practice as well!




              If you intend on going glacier hiking with Wildthentic, chances are we will provide most, if not all, of the materials necessary. Please make sure to read our activity guidelines to know what the experience offers. But, for those of you interested in knowing what equipment is needed for glacier hiking, the list goes as follows:

              Breathable rain jacket

              Suspender belts

              Helmet (in some cases)

              Hiking boots

              Hiking stick


              Waterproof over-trousers


               Socks, hats and gloves (in some cases)


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