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              For most people, a safari is the trip of a lifetime and if you thought they could only be experienced on land as you sit in a jeep moving through the savanna, then you’re in for a surprise. There are many ways to enjoy safaris, some of which include by plane, foot, horse, canoe, and even by hot air balloon!

              Safaris are special in that they manage to remove the individual from their comfort zone and witness an environment through the eyes of a wild animal. This might be the most transformational activity listed in our catalogue because this experience will always teach you new insight and perspective of the natural world, no matter how many times you’ve been on safari. Wildlife is usually seen in a great variety of habitats, with breathtaking landscapes, and unfathomable space. If you plan your time well, you may even witness some of Earth’s most remarkable events such as the Great Migration in Africa. Come with us as we explore hidden gems that will surely change your life. 

              WHY WE LOVE 

              We love everything about ethical safaris. Safaris are an activity that allows humans to witness wildlife up-close while having the cultural experience of a lifetime, not to mention the landscapes seen while on activity is spellbinding.

              We humans have managed to do some serious damage to the environment and its inhabitants which is why it is imperative that we educate ourselves and manage to move forward in the best and most sustainable way possible. Going on a safari is not only better and more engaging than going to a zoo, it is also a more humane way of interacting with animals. Safaris allow people to take control of their experience while keeping it wild, it is the perfect moment to act as a guest in the animal kingdom, on their terms, with respect and fascination. This form of authentic adventure is both humbling and thrilling plus you get to give back to an industry that is helping preserve the local economy, culture and wildlife. Many operators use a portion of the overall cost to fund essential animal and nature conservation projects.

              Unpredictability is another fascinating aspect of safaris.

              Imagine walking along the bush as a meerkat crosses your feet, or driving around in a jeep only to look up and find a cheetah devouring its prey atop a tree, or approaching a herd of zebras from the back of your horse while being completely immersed within the environment. All of these events connect to create one overall unforgettable adventure, one that cannot be accessed via modern day life. Therefore, we believe that safaris awaken your soul. Not only do they allow you to witness animals in a natural setting, they also allow you to connect to the environment and draw conclusions about your own life and its purpose. Safaris offer more than just adventure, they offer life-changing experiences that provide privileged insight into our natural history.



              A safari offers a unique chance to up close and personal with wildlife. Whether you want to see the Big Five, go whale watching or enjoy birdwatching, there is a choice for every traveller. A safari is the only way you can track wild animals and marvel at their beauty and power while remaining in their natural habitat. Watch in fascination as you witness their interactions and behaviour in the wild, elephants guarding their young, zebras enjoying a drink in the nearest watering hole, or even hippos taking a dip!

              Safaris not only provide a gateway into the natural world of wild animals, it also permits you to witness the beautiful changes and cycles that exist within nature and how they affect its landscape as well as animal activity. Sunrise and sunset are two beautiful changes that occur within a 24-hour period yet most of us fail to witness either. Because most safaris occur during sunrise or sunset you not only get to witness spectacular colours and astounding beauty you also get to interact with the day in a completely different way. Plus, going on mindful safaris allow you to honour and give back to Mother Nature!

              The cost of most sustainable safaris usually includes conservation fees in their pricing, this helps support the conservation efforts and save species who are in danger of extinction. Many safaris offer the possibility to stay in environmentally responsible lodges and camps which contribute to the well-being of local communities and wildlife.

              Safaris makes us appreciate the magnificence of nature and this marvellous planet we all share!


              • Make sure you choose neutral coloured clothing (not bold and or bright, this includes white) in order to blend in with the surroundings and not spook the animals. You should also avoid wearing dark blue, it attracts tsetse flies.
              • Make sure to break in your shoes BEFORE going for a bushwalk or trek.
              • Drink bottled water and carry a bottle of water with you at all times.
              • Guard your eyes and contact lenses! Reserves become very dusty during the winter months, make sure to switch from contacts to lenses, bring eye drops, and dry bags, plus whatever other material needed to protect your camera/gadgets.
              • Do not charge and or run up to ANY animals while on a safari. Be respectful of their space and always listen to your guide.
              • If you are a keen photographer you may want to consider taking a bean bag with you for more stability in the jeep.
              • Horseback riding in the wild allows you to experience animals in a closer and more relaxed setting because they consider you to be a part of the animal, therefore, allowing you to blend into the environment without being perceived as a two-legged intruder.


              All technical equipment will be provided during your travels, this includes all transportation vehicles and navigation systems. Materials we recommend you bring during your excursion include:

              • Lightweight waterproof jacket
              • Long sleeved and collared shirt
              • Lightweight clothing that dries quickly
              • Fleece for layers
              • Fleece socks
              • Sun hat
              • Sunglasses (polarized)
              • Day bag/duffle
              • Light trail shoes and or hiking boots
              • Comfortable trainers/sneakers
              • Flip flops/slippers
              • Binoculars
              • Camera
              • Mosquito repellent and after bite
              • Dry bags
              • First aid kit
              • Travel adapter

              DID YOU KNOW...



              • In 2010 Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton while they were on a Kenyan safari.
              • Chameleons shouldn’t be handled or picked up at night. The animals can die if touched by a human once night falls, this is due to the chameleons’ inability to adjust to the average human’s body temperature.
              • Most people know about Africa’s The Big Five, but there is also The Ugly Five, The Little Five, and The Shy Five.
              • Lions sleep for 20 hours a day.
              • A lion’s roar is so loud it can be heard up to five miles away!
              • Crocodiles can last up to a year with no food!
              • Rhinos are descendants of the largest known land mammal on Earth, the Paraceratherium.
              • Giraffes have blue tongues!
              • Elephants don’t have sweat glands.
              • Grey whales are very sociable, so much so that they actively encourage their offspring to interact with humans. Touching and playing with wildlife usually falls outside of what we consider to be responsible behaviour but in their case, it is an exception.

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