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              SHARK CAGE DIVING

              SHARK CAGE DIVING

              Cage diving is a peculiar activity in that it involves humans who are willingly put into metal cages. These cages are attached to a boat and are plunged below the ocean’s surface. The cage is made of 12mm galvanized steel mesh and has an open roof which enables divers to climb in and out easily. Cage diving is used as a form to safely observe some of the world’s biggest aquatic animals including but not limited to, the Great White Shark.

              WHY WE LOVE 
              SHARK CAGE DIVING

              The prospect of being so close to the ocean’s most feared animal is not only exhilarating but inspiring. One of the main reasons we love shark cage diving is…adrenaline! Being centimetres away from the Great White Shark’s powerful jaw and razor sharp teeth is enough to send icy chills down anyone's spine!

              We also have a wild fascination for authentic experiences and this one provides just that. Getting to witness the Great White Shark in its natural habitat is an educational and humbling experience. Being so close to this massive animal changes your perception about the world around you not to mention, the experience is easy. No past experience or fancy certifications are needed. Cage diving is simple; you get into the cage, go below the water’s surface, follow the guide’s instructions, and get to gazing.

              Sharks are fascinating creatures. These apex (alpha) predators are over 400 million years old. Keep in mind, that’s about 100 million years before the first dinosaurs appeared on land! But sadly enough, the shark population is on a rapid decline. This is why shark cage diving is so special; it allows you to get face to face to the biggest prehistoric predators that are currently in danger of extinction. You can also see other beautiful and vibrant marine animals and plants.



              Sharks are beautiful, majestic animals that we need to learn more about for they are absolutely vital to maintaining healthy oceans. Sharks serve as an indicator for overall ocean health and diversity. Where there are sharks there are a myriad of other animals therefore indicating a thriving ecosystem. Oceans also need sharks because they maintain the balance between competing species. Not to mention, sharks allow for healthy fish to thrive while the weak and sick end up getting eaten.

              Because of our profound respect for this magnificent animal we make sure to only offer experiences that are carried out with impeccable and sustainable standards. We do not believe in chumming and or baiting the sharks. We do not offer the animals food in order to make sure that their natural hunting path is not disturbed.


              • Do not extend your arms or any part of your body outside the cage!
              • When in doubt, take a pill. If you ever get seasick it is better to prevent this from happening again, take a tablet well before getting out on the choppy waters.




              We provide booties, masks, wetsuits, and weight belts. Meal, snacks, and beverages are also on us! Now, important items for you to bring on the expedition includes; swimsuit, warm clothes (to change into or cover up with while on the water), camera, sunscreen, towel (preferably quick dry), and a hat and or cap.

              DID YOU KNOW...



              • Sharks do not have bones; they are made of cartilage…among other things.
              • Great White Sharks have never been observed giving birth.
              • Great White Sharks have six senses, one more than us average mortals, this includes electroreception.
              • South Africa, Mexico, and Oceania are the only three places in the world where you can see Great White Sharks while cage diving.
              • Rodney Fox is a South Australian film maker, conservationist, and is considered to be the ‘Father of Shark Cage Diving’. He is considered to be one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Great White Shark and is also a survivor of an attack by the shark. In 2007 he was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.
              • Most of the world’s Great White Sharks live off the coast of Dyer Island, in South Africa, this area is also referred to as “Shark Alley.”
              • The heaviest Great White Shark ever recorded in the wild was estimated to weigh a whopping 7,328 pounds (3,324 kg).
              • Female Great White Sharks grow to be larger than males.
              • When hunting, the Great White will roll its eyes entirely backwards to protect them and go for the kill while blind.
              • Sharks cannot stop suddenly or swim backwards.

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