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              The snowmobile is a vehicle designed to travel over snow, ice, and similar surfaces by using traction and weight support.  It offers access to otherwise restricted areas. 

              Because the performance of the vehicle largely depends on keeping its weight as low as possible, there is no enclosure for the driver and passenger. Riders are exposed to the elements, as on a motorcycle. The driver steers by manipulating handlebars that control ski-like runners on the front of the vehicle and by shifting his/her body weight.

              WHY WE LOVE 

              Snowmobiling is not only a practical method of transportation, it is also a fun leisure activity. Anyone at any age from 16 years old and above can enjoy snowmobiling for it is easy and exciting. Once propped up on a snowmobile you can view the scenery, ride and or race (if you’re feeling playful) with friends, and escape the usual demands of daily life.  

              This activity also serves as a way to get close to family members while being in close proximity with nature. Snowmobiling is great exercise bringing people outdoors interacting with nature and each other. It is an invigorating sport, great for stress release and good mental health. It also important to note that snowmobiling is a brilliant way to have fun without causing harm to the environment. Snowmobiles offer the rush of riding a motorcycle but on the silvery snow. Driving through a forest on a high-powered vehicle gives you the adrenaline rush that will surely get you hooked.

              Snowmobiling is also a fantastic way to engage your muscles and practice balance. This sport is a lot more physically demanding than most expect. Because the ground is usually rugged and or uneven, riding requires constant knee flexing as well as balancing with the upper body.



              Snowmobiling is a wonderful method of sightseeing.  This activity gives you entry into otherwise unchartered territories. Snowmobiling puts the magic of winter at your fingertips and allows you to roam through snowy forests, over frozen lakes and rivers and through deep cushiony snow.  Not to mention, this thrilling activity has minimal impact on the environment and its wildlife. Numerous scientific studies have concluded that snowmobile activity has no significant effect on wildlife populations; wildlife species and crops are disturbed more by cross-country skiers and people on foot than by snowmobiles. Snowmobiles are so cool that in some situations their trails have been found to enhance wildlife mobility and help animals save energy in deep powder snow.



              • Avoid disturbing or harassing wildlife.  If you encounter animals on the trail, stay seated and either continue slowly or stop until the animals depart. Be especially cautious if you encounter moose, which tend to remain on the trail.
              • Animals need to conserve energy in the winter in order to survive, therefore make sure to not frighten them.
              • Make sure whatever you bring into the wild comes back with you!


              No equipment other than the snowmobile, helmet, and gloves are required but we suggest that extra consideration is taken into account when choosing clothing. If not dresses appropriately, chances are you will get cold after a while. Insulated jackets and bibs as well as pants come in handy and are highly recommended. Although not required you may also choose to wear a snowmobile suit for ultimate convenience and warmth. Do not neglect your extremities for they are the first places to get cold. Also, make sure to tuck your shirts into your trousers, gloves into sleeves, and zip your fleece, jacket and trousers all the way up. Waterproof and pre-curved fingers gloves are also designed with the needs of snowmobilers in mind.


              DID YOU KNOW...



              • Man flew before he mastered snow travel. The Wright Brothers flew in 1903, whereas the very first snow vehicle wasn't built until 1908.
              • Joseph Armand Bombardier invented the first snowmobile sometime between 1920 and 1935.
              • The average snowmobiler is 43 years old.
              • There are over 3000 snowmobile clubs worldwide.  These clubs are non-profit and volunteer driven; they are grassroots groups based in local communities.
              • Numerous studies have concluded that wildlife species are disturbed more by cross-country skiers and people on foot than by snowmobiles.

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